***April 2nd, 2020 UPDATED @ 5:20 pm** As of 5:06 pm KTVB has updated Idaho to 814 cases with Ada County having 289 of those cases.

A lot has changed here not only nationally, but locally as well surrounding the lovely Novel Coronavirus. As of today, Idaho has spiked up to 740 cases which is almost 200 more than we had 2 days ago- yikes! Lewis and Gooding counties had their first cases, while Blaine county is leading with the highest amount of cases at 312 as they reported more this morning. The total amount of deaths in Idaho is still at 9; 3 in Ada, 2 in Blaine County, 1 in Cassia, 1 in Canyon, and 2 in Nez Perce.

Last week, the unemployment office received 32,941 claims alone from Idaho workers who have been laid off due to the virus, making this a new record for initial claims filed in a one week period.

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