Idaho’s numbers haven’t been rising AS rapidly as they had been before this last weekend. There are 1,259 cases in the entire state of Idaho, and 20 deaths. Blaine county has begun a study on 400 of their residents to further understand COVID-19 antibodies in symptomatic and non-symptomatic people. They are working to develop a vaccine as well as learn more about the transmission of the virus and outbreak duration.

Coronavirus is expected to hit it’s peak in Idaho between April 14-16th, as long as social distancing continues through May.

Are you someone that wears gloves while shopping? Gloves can actually assist in further spread of the virus as well as cross contamination. Anything you touch with the gloves on is considered “dirty.” If wearing gloves while shopping, avoid touching phones, keys, car doors and steering wheels, and even your face while wearing gloves.

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