Governor Brad Little extended the Stay-at-Home order to April 30th with a few looser restrictions. More businesses originally deemed “non-essential” have been granted the permission to reopen as long as they are able to follow social distancing guidelines. (i.e Flower shops, jewelry shops, and other businesses that are able to implement curb side pickup.) Businesses where employees are not able to remain a 6ft distance from one another are to remain closed. (Salons, gyms, bars)

An Idaho potato farm is giving away potatoes for free as their usual customers weren’t purchasing due to COVID-19 closures. Instead of letting them go to waste, Cranney Farms in Oakley, ID posted on Facebook that he was giving away potatoes for free. People arrived from all over to take part in gathering potatoes.

The latest statistics in Idaho are 41 deaths and 1,495 cases. (According to there are 1,587 confirmed and probable cases.) Ada County has 541 cases, 9 deaths. Blaine County has 463 cases, 5 deaths. Canyon County is at 179 cases with 5 deaths. Nez Perce County has 20 cases with 10 deaths. Twin Falls County has 87 cases and 4 deaths. Information is based off of lab confirmed information.

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