May 1st begins the first phase of Governor Little’s 4 phase plan of reopening the state. Earlier this month, Governor Little held a press conference announcing the 4 phases.

Phase 1 (May 1-15th) will allow a few more places to open including places of worship, daycares, and youth activities. Those who can work from home are still encouraged to do so. Bars, dine in options at restaurants, gyms, and salons and spas are to remain closed.

Phase 2 (May 16th- 29th) allows dine in options as long as restaurants submit and receive approval on their new health and safety plans for reopening. Salons are able to open as well as gym facilities if they are able to follow business protocols. Large venues and bars/night clubs are to stay closed. A 14-day self isolation is still required for all out of state visitors and non-essential travel is asked to stay minimized.

Phase 3 (May 30th- June 12th) begins to allow non-essential travel and gatherings of 10-50 people. The 14-day isolation period for visitors is discontinued. Those who are able to telework are still asked to do so. Large venues are to prepare for opening and their plan of action for Phase 4.

Phase 4 (June 13th- June 26th) is the final phase allowing bars and nightclubs to open, as well as large venues such as movie theaters and sports venues. Visitors are allowed into senior facilities and congregate facilities but must follow proper sanitation and be diligent with physical distancing. Gatherings of more than 50 people are permitted, and all staff is able to return to their place of work. High risk and more vulnerable individuals are able to resume public interactions but are asked to practice safe distancing while still minimizing their exposure to large social settings.

These phases will continue on assuming there is not a significant increase in cases and the previous criteria has remained met. Governor Little has the ability and the right to push each phase out as he feels necessary. Each phase and reevaluation will be on a 2 week basis. It is recommended that as we slowly return to activities outside the home, each and every individual practices social distancing as well as wears a mask for their own health and well being.

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Idaho is currently at 1,952 total and probable cases, 60 deaths, and 35 new and probable cases as of April 28th.

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